Labour Support Group

Labour Support Group

Tallest office building in Brisbane situated in the heart of Brisbane CBD.

Labour Support Group

Labour Support Group

Building residents includes Ernst & Young, Gaden lawyers, Arrow Energy, Ray White Commercial and other high profile organisations.

Labour Support Group

Labour Support Group

111 Eagle Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000.

Labour Support Group

Labour Support Group

Human resources | Training and development | Business process outsourcing

About Us.


Based in the very heart of Brisbane, Australia. Labour Support provides business solutions within several industries, particularly within the human resources, business process outsourcing and legal service fields.


Our professional work expands across the public and private sector, dealing from SMEs to large multinational corporations. Labour Support's regional expertise spans across the Asia Pacific region with our internal employees recruited through a comprehensive headhunting process.


We believe that human resources are the most powerful asset to any business and it is the capabilities of people that have fuelled the establishment and growth of infrastructure, systems, policies and businesses all over the world. With that in mind, Labour Support has a commitment to nurture and empower our staff with adequate professional development, so they in turn can contribute to our clients and the marketplace in a highly valuable and efficient manner.

Our Accreditation and Affiliations.

We let our work performance and agent referrals speak for itself. These are organisations that Labour Support Group partners and are active affiliations with:

Level 15, 111 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD 4000


T:   1300 527 778  / 1300 LBR SPT

T:   07 3102 1168



Labour Support Group Pty Ltd    |   ACN Number: 605 794 643

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