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The importance of a business plan is in giving the Case Officer a thorough understanding of the activities of the business, a thorough understanding of the industry which the business operates in and what are the long-term plans of this business. Business plans are commonly used for 482, 186 and 187 visa applications. They are also common requirements as part of 188 and 132 visa applications which are more specialised,


Through this understanding the Case Officer will then be better able to understand the genuine need for the nominated position in the business and will be more incline to approve the visa application.

For us, we specialize in the area of business analysis and business plan writing so our expert knowledge and experience is a value we offer to migration agents. We have our dedicated team of business analysts, certified accountants and research writers ensures knowledge of exactly what makes a successful business plan.


Our bespoke business plans come with a complete 5 year financial forecast that has been successful in the 188, 132 visa applications and also in seeking bank loans and government grant funding.


For 188 and 132 visa applications, we also provide more comprehensive research and explanations into the economic benefits which the nominee can provide to the state and to Australia as a whole. We also provide detailed evidence and explanations to show the talents of the nominee and how the nominee is able to utilise his/her capabilities to make a significant contribution to the economy.

All of our business visa business plans are based on a fixed price quote and include:

  • All narrative

  • Projected profit and Loss

  • Cash flows and balance sheets

  • Graphical representation of key numbers

  • Provide the excerpts to fill in the business proposals for each state (200words)


Some of the business sectors we have worked with:

  • Restaurants

  • Pubs​​

  • ​Coffee shops

  • Takeaways

  • ​Catering

  • ​Hair and Beauty Salons​

  • Clothing & Fashion​

  • ​Dry Cleaning

  • ​Gyms

  • Shop & Online Retailers

  • Recruitment

  • Software & App Developers

  • ​IT Services

  • Estate Agents

  • ​Property refurbishment and development

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