Frequently Asked Questions.




We already are a recruitment agency, what makes Labour Support different?


We are not a recruitment agency! Labour Support Group is a back-end support office for recruitment agencies providing services to handle your administration work on behalf of your business.

Your business will benefit from our RPO service through:

  • Reduction in labour and administration costs

  • Increased business productivity

  • Frees up more time for you and your employees to utilise and take advantage of to focus on your business’ core competencies.

  • Potential for business growth

  • Greater reliability and consistency


We do not handle recruitment or interfere with your clients.



Who and where are your services carried out?

The success of Labour Support Group is through the recognition of our people. Our strong and professional HR team span from several disciplines to provide only the finest quality work to our valued customers, no matter what industry or background.


All of our work is performed within Australia at our office in Brisbane to ensure that the standard of our services to our valued customers remain consistent and of high quality.



What is the turnaround time of your services?

Typically, we complete your requested services within the hour. However, in some circumstances, it may take a full business day.



In what way is RPO highly customisable for my business?

Through our credit quota packages, you have access to all our services, however you get to choose the ones you need.

We have different packages catered specifically for different recruitment agencies small and large

You also have the option to use our letterheads and questionnaires, or simply provide your own. Whatever your requirements are, we adapt to it.



What about my business’ confidentiality?

We are serious about your business’ privacy, so rest assured and be confident that we ensure maximum confidentiality of all your material and information.


For your peace of mind, we will provide you with our Confidentiality Undertaking.






How are your prices so affordable?

Our goal is to provide recruiters with solutions to make streamline their business and encourage growth. We focus on providing recruitment agencies with a competitive edge, so it only makes sense that our prices are so competitive and affordable!



What are your prices?

Our prices start from a very affordable $350 per month for 6 months in the basic package, please refer to our pricing brochure (click here to download) for all our other packages and prices. Or contact us for more information on how we may be able to tailor to your business!



I’ve used up my credit quota for the month… what if I require more credits?

Additional credits may be purchased for $50+GST for five (5) credits, any unused credits will be carried out within the next month.


Credits do not have an expiry date.



What are your conditions of payment?

In order for commencement of work, we require a full pre-paid payment for the first month. For every payment there after we send an invoice to be paid within 7 days of receiving the invoice.




For all other questions, please contact us directly - 1300 527 778 or email us at