Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Effectiveness, reliability, affordability.

We conduct all checks either using your guidelines, ours or a combination. The result we seek is the same as yours, to be sure that the potential candidate is the real deal.




Reference Check



Our recruit process outsourcing services are both effective and cost competitive, saving you time and resources that are just better off elsewhere. We provide highly tailored services to meet your business’ needs, and the flexibility of choosing how much you would like to outsource.


We have tailor-made a set of pre-employment screening measures to help human resources professionals identify the right candidates.



Verification include:


  • Salary package;

  • Work experience ability;

  • Position title or designation;

  • Length of time at that position;

  • Responsibilies and duties involved; 

  • Reasons for leaving, and more!






Qualifications Check


Verification procedures are often costly and time consuming. We provide efficient, cost effective, and hassle-free services such as professional membership and employment history checks, educational and academic verifications, criminal history checks, and reference checks.


We are extremely careful in ensuring the candidate is truly qualified, and provide you with information such as salary, responsibilities and duties assumed, position title, duration and employment, reasons for leaving, and other factors you may require in choosing your next candidate.


Our checks include academic qualifications, trade certificates and professional memberships and this service extends to overseas qualifications.



Verification include:


  • Qualification obtained;

  • Dates of attendance;

  • Institude attended; and more!






Initial and Exit Interviews


Unsure of proper interview techniques? We will lend you a hand!


Experience and qualifications may top your list when finding a candidate; however, we believe that there is more to a qualified candidate than just experience and qualifications. We will assist you in finding individuals that will seamlessly adapt to your business’ culture and environment.


We take time in understanding the candidate through behavioural-based questions that provides insight to their abilities and work ethics as an employee. More importantly, we want to make sure that the candidate will be able to contribute to your all-important positive work culture.

Some specifics:

  • Pre-interview screening (phone, email, face to face, video);

  • Exit interview; and more!




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