Labour Market Testing.


Employers in Australia who have an approved Standard Business Sponsorship with the Department of Home Affairs must demonstrate that they have attempted to recruit suitably qualified and experienced Australian citizens and Australian permanent residents to the nominated position.


New regulations introduced by the Department of Home Affairs have now made Labour Market Testing a mandatory requirement for 482, 186 and 187 visa applications.


As part of these new regulations, local Australian employers with an approved Standard Business Sponsorship must now demonstrate that they have carried out substantial recruitment activities and made a genuine effort to hire suitable local Australian citizens and residents for the nominated position in their business.


Recruitment activities will also need to be carried out on national recruitment websites, print media and radio. It is also required that at least two advertisements be placed on any of these media or a combination of media. Some examples of national recruitment websites include SEEK, Career One and Jobactive.  Advertising on print media and radio should be on national media which have ‘national reach’. This will go to show that the efforts of the employer are genuine and that the final outcome is genuine as well.


Job advertisements placed on national recruitment websites  will have to ‘remain live’ for at least 21 consecutive calendar days. Job advertisements placed on print and radio media will have to accept applications for at least 21 consecutive calendar days.


As Labour Market Testing (LMT) has to be undertaken during the twelve months prior to lodgement of the application nominating the position to be filled by an applicant for a 482, 186 or 187 visa, Labour Support utilizes this time to demonstrate to the Australian Government on behalf of its client that it has made reasonable efforts to recruit Australian citizens and Australian permanent residents.


Our Labour Market Testing Report is a comprehensive one which closely scrutinises each applicant and includes supporting evidence from a multitude of reliable sources as to the labour market trends for the specified position.


In providing more value in our services, we advertise on both online job portals as well as local newspapers for 187 visa applications.


We provide LMT services for:

  • 482

  • 186

  • 187


Our advertisements are both online and local newspaper (for 187).



Labour Agreement



As part of new regulations introduced by the Department of Home Affairs, occupations stated in the Labour Agreement may now require a skills assessment as part of the application process. Applications made under a Labour Agreement will also now be subjected to statutory criterion as well with regards to the online application process and payment of fees.


Labour Agreements are formal arrangements negotiated between the Australian Government and an employer or industrial association.  These formal arrangements enable Australian employers to recruit a specified number of workers from overseas in response to identified or emerging labour market (or skill) shortages in Australia.


For 187 visa, there is no longer an option for a Labour Agreement stream as part of new regulations. This is because the Department of Home Affairs felt there was no longer a need for it under the 187 visa as this stream was under-utilised.


With regards to Labour Agreements, we at Labour Support Group assist in the nomination stage by processing the labour market testing component. To date, we have successfully assisted in Labour Agreements for several recruitment, aged care, trades and construction companies.

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