Market Salary Survey.



Market Salary Survey reports (MSS) are developed according to the Department of Home Affair’s business sponsorship requirements. We understand the requirements of a sponsoring employer and hence include various sections in our reports which address the specific and unique contribution of the sponsored employee as compared to an ‘equivalent Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident’.

The MSS is a necessary deliverable to address the proposed salary of the nominee that it meets the TSMIT and AMSR.


Salaries for the nominated position must now meet TSMIT and AMSR requirements across the 482, 186 and 187 visas.


The salary being offered must be above TSMIT and within the AMSR for the nominated position to show a genuine need for the position and that the business is no discriminating against local Australians.


In determining the AMSR, we utilise a wide spectrum of government and corporate sources so as to achieve the highest level of accuracy possible.  


In the MSS report, it is also good to include the responsibilities of the nominated position so as to highlight the complex responsibilities of the nominated position and provide additional justification for the annual salary being paid to the nominee.


In addition, the employer will also need to demonstrate that the terms and conditions for the nominee are no less favourable than the terms and conditions of employment that would be provided to an ‘equivalent Australian citizen or permanent resident’. 


Some methods of satisfying this requirement:


  • An employment contract of an Australian citizen or permanent resident that is working in the same position and location as the nominee.

  • Relevant industrial award; the proposed salary can be higher than the level specified in the relevant award.


No Equivalent Australian Working Component


If there are no Australian citizen or permanent resident that is working in the same role and location as the nominated position in the company, other data to satisfy the no equivalent Australian worker component can include:

  • Live Job advertisements from reputable job portals such as SEEK and Jobactive

  • Australian bureau of statistics

  • Market salary data guides such as Hays Salary Guides and PayScale

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