We are your Supporters.

At Labour Support, we see ourselves as a 'vice-captain' to every of our client. We see ourselves as the catalyst agent for exponential growth and strive to become a highly effective piece of business instrument that our clients use to take their business growth to the next level.


Within all departments in Labour Support, we have devised an intelligent KPI system to motivate and challenge our staff to perform at their finest for our clients. 


We have regular activites such as overseas retreats to reward and encourage a strong work relationship between various departments and staff. Our global offices meet with each other bi-annually to solve similar challenges and also to learn about the company on a more relaxed setting.

Level 15, 111 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD 4000


T:   1300 527 778  / 1300 LBR SPT

T:   07 3102 1168


E:   hr@laboursupport.com.au

Labour Support Group Pty Ltd    |   ACN Number: 605 794 643

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