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Get us to get the job done for you.


Do you know that you save more than 50% of your time and costs through our RPO services for Recruiters?


Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing service and is specifically tailored for recruitment agencies and aims to support the recruitment process by handle all its back-end administration work so that you may focus on your clients and business growth.  Our services are highly affordable and beneficial to any recruiting agency looking for a competitive advantage.




What is RPO for Recruiters?


Are you looking to increase your team’s productivity while at the same time keep operations reliable and cost-effective? 


We will work alongside with you to learn about your recruitment process so we can deliver the best solutions to your human resources needs. By doing so, your business will be able to focus on what matters most - your core competences and businesses.


Our services are catered specifically to recruitment agencies and all the work is done locally onshore in Australia by our specialists.




Why Outsource?


These are just some of the more evident reasons that recruitment agencies adopt our services: 


  • Reduced costs:   Given our economy of scale, our solutions are effective and competitively priced!

  • Quality and consistency:   We carry out our work on a daily basis to perfection on time, everytime

  • Aligned focus:   Frees up the time of your staff to concentrate on the real work!

  • Fully customizable:   Our work can be performed in your usual practice or any other preferred way!




What Services do you provide?


Our services will include:


  • Position description write-up

  • Job position advertising

  • Candidate screening

  • Phone, video & face-to-face interviewing

  • Resume formatting

  • Reference and background checks

  • Qualification and police checks

  • Psychometric assessments




How Cost-Effective and Affordable are your packages?


We have different package plans catered to recruitment agencies of different sizes - from the sole trader recruiter to medium sized recruitment firms with 20 recruiters! 


To give you an idea of our fees for a recruitment agency that places 3 candidate each month, our all inclusive plan for a month is $350 (+GST) on a 6 months term!

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