Retail Buyer

The client

Our client located in Springvale, Victoria is a popular Indian grocery store and they are looking for an experienced, positive and hardworking Retail Buyer to join their team.

The successful candidate is also expected to be highly knowledgeable of all Indian groceries and is required to travel to India for identifying new stocks and meet with suppliers.

The duties

Some of the duties will include but are not limited to:

  •  Monitoring sales data and stock levels, and studying trade, manufacturers' and market information

  •  To keep informed of changing market conditions

  •  Negotiating purchase, promotion and supply arrangements with suppliers

  •  Designing and implementing pricing, marketing, promotional and display strategies

  •  Liaising with management on long-term

  •  Planning and sales promotions

  •  Establishing working plans according to seasonal and budgetary requirements

  •  Anticipating consumer trends and determining quantity, style and quality of goods to be purchased

The requirements

  •  Excellent verbal communication and interpersonal skills

  •  Ability to speak an Indian language and/or mother tongue will be necessary

  •  Good computer skills

  •  Demonstrated business acumen and prior experience

  •  Excellent knowledge of Asian groceries

  •  Designing, strategizing and planning of marketing and promotional campaigns and activities

  •  Implementing of pricing strategies and methods

  •  Bulk buying of FMCG; particularly in Asian groceries

  •  Excellent customer service and friendly disposition is highly regarded

  •  Relevant trade qualifications will be necessary; at least a Certificate 3 or equivalent standard

  •  Willingness to travel interstate and overseas (India) for work.

  •  Must be able to read, write and speak the English language. Must be able to express self adequately in written and oral communication and to communicate effectively with customers

  •  Good work references from previous employers

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