Give Your Clients the Peace of Mind

As a business dedicated to empowering others, we offer a variety of services to our clients. Adhering to our business's high standards, we undertake a rigorous process to ensure the chances of success of each client’s case.

Though each client and each case is different, our systematic approach is instilled to ensure that all work produced by us is fresh, accurate, of the highest quality, and with the best chance for success under the eyes of immigration. We strongly believe that ' IF WE CANNOT DO IT, NOBODY ELSE CAN '.

Here is an outline of our process for the preparation of Genuine Position reports for your information: 1) We collect information from each client to prepare a systematic plan for the report's content. On a case-by-case basis, we analyse this information and note the key indicators of each case. 2) We then commence the preparation of each report, focusing on significant pieces of information and using our industry expertise to:

  • Highlight the authenticity of the position, after investigating the business and its needs,and

  • Emphasise the genuine need for the employment of each nominated candidate, after a thorough examination of the candidate’s résumé, their relevant skills, knowledge, and experience

3) Coupling these two important procedures, a first draft of each report is then sent out to the client for examination and approval. Should amendments be made, they are completed immediately and we provide unlimited adjustments till the client is 100% confident.


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