Red Flags by the Department

Marketing Specialists Under Scrutiny

Recently, we have noticed the occupation of Marketing Specialist (ANZSCO 225113) coming under stricter scrutiny by Case Officers. Prior to this, the nominated occupation of Customer Service Managers (ANZSCO 149212) was also red-flagged.

Why is this so? Employers sometimes unknowingly (1) nominate incorrect occupations and/or (2) fail to prove that their business genuinely needs the position and the proposed nominee. As case officers receive more 457 visa applications on the Marketing Specialist nominated occupation, it would be highly likely that they will be more knowledgeable of the occupation and its duties and responsibilities. This will result in a higher tendency for them to request for more information (documents), which is currently the case. As most migration agents will know, writing a strong piece of genuine position report takes time and most of the time, their clients (the employers) will be too busy to correspond to urgent calls or emails. Even when they are able to make time, the employers are unsure of how to write a genuine position report and this delay is a straining challenge to overcome - for both the employers AND the migration agents!

RECENT NOMINATION APPROVALS - Last Quarter of 2016 These are some of the recent nomination approvals that we have achieved for our clients, whilst maintaining our 98.5 success rate:

  • Chefs

  • Pastry cooks

  • Bricklayer

  • Carpenter

  • Motor Mechanics

  • Engineering Draftspersons

  • Importer Exporters

  • Retail Managers

  • General Managers

  • Customer Service Managers

  • Supply and Distribution Manager

  • Marketing Specialists

  • Sales and Marketing Managers

Our reports include:

  • Intelligent and Precise Content: We conduct a thorough discussion and analysis of every case before writing the report so that all information is accurate and relevant.

  • Unique and 'Fresh' Content: We offer no template work and guarantee that each report is professionally tailored to suit each individual case.

  • Creative and Professional Write-up: We think in the shoes of the employer and the case officers to combine the relevant and comprehensive information that exceeds genuine position requirements and case officers' expectations.

  • Full Refund Guarantee: As long as the case officer states in the nomination outcome letter that the refusal is due to lack of evidence supplied to show genuine need, a full refund will be made, no questions asked.

  • Quality Oriented: We only have one goal - to achieve approvals for every case (so you refer more cases to us!)


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