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Genuine Position Requirement

It is essential to ensure that the Genuine Position requirement is addressed correctly and that justification to the genuineness of the proposed position is made available to the case officer. Since every 457 case is different, each Genuine Position report has to be accurately and specially written - there is no one-fits-all template for the genuine position requirement.

Have you addressed some of these key issues?

  • Is this a new position? How did this new position arise?

  • How does this position fit into the business’ organisational structure?

  • How does this position contribute to the business?

  • Is the nominee a family member to the employer?How does the nominee fit into this position? And more..

What your 457 visa clients need to pay more attention to:

The business must be able to prove the position is genuine and show that is actually requiring the 457 visa program to tap into skilled employment.

Certain business types such as Restaurants and Cafés have been known to see more 457 visa applications and they require more documentation for the genuine position requirement.

What do our Genuine Position Reports include?

  • Addresses All Requirement Abundantly.

  • At least 15 Pages of Original Content.

  • Quick Turnaround Time.

  • Quickest 1 day.

  • No Win, No Fee. (Limited Time Only)


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