Professional Migration Agents and Lawyers Support Services

Looking For Reliable and Professional Migration Agent Support?

As a professional human resources company that recognizes the importance of skilled workers from overseas, we have received many requests from Australian migration agents to assist them in their visa application process for their clients.

The many migration agents from NSW, VIC, and QLD who have used our service have praised our work to be Effective, Professional and Affordable. Most importantly, it frees up their time so they can concentrate on helping more clients get their visa.

See how our quality services can reduce your workload and increase your efficiency!

Business Plans

Our business plans undergo extensive and rigorous research and analysis into the industry, market, products/services, business, competition, sales forecasts, sustainability, expansion and future of the business.

  • At least 30 pages of individually written and original content

  • Contains diagrams, organisational charts, sales forecasts, swot analysis, etc.

  • Written and vetted by lawyers and CPAs

  • Can be presented to banks and other government bodies for funding and loans

Genuine Position Report

Do not fear when the case officer requests for information. In most cases, a Genuine Position is a criteria that needs to be satisfied at the nomination stage of the visa application. Our reports address all key requirements to ensure a smooth application:

  • At least 10 pages of thoroughly research and systematic explanation of the genuineness of the position

  • Every case is personalized and individually written; no two reports are the same

  • Most migration agents submit this together with LMT for decision-ready submission

Market Salary Survey Report

The Market Salary Survey is required component to address the proposed salary of the nominee and that it meets the TSMIT.

Labour Market Testing Report

We handle all aspects of LMT; from sending you a position draft, to advertising (to 5 Australian job sites), to interviewing, to finally providing a 6 page professional report.

Many of our agents refer their clients directly to us because of the high quality and effectiveness of our work.

We also support migration agents with an array of other services:
  • New business incorporation (ACN, ABN, PAYG, etc. registration with ASIC)

  • Marketing (website, business cards, letterheads, logo, etc.)

  • Legal (employment contract, business brokerage, etc.)

  • Finance (bookkeeping, CPA services)


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