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Labour Support is a dedicated back-end office for migration agents throughout Australia. Made up of a team of qualified professionals, our clients range from sole traders to large multinational organisations in the migration industry. All of our work is done in Australia, which enhances our sensitivity and timely reaction to the latest migration developments and industry changes. Furthermore, our team regularly meets and liaises with migration agents to encourage a collaborative and professional relationship. Adhering to our business's high standards, we undertake a rigorous process to ensure the success of each client’s case. With each case, our team attends a meeting to conduct a thorough discussion and analysis of each case, as several perspectives working cooperatively ensures that all angles are explored and relevant and comprehensive information is focused on in the writing of the report. Labour Support is a quality-oriented business and we only have one goal – to achieve approvals for every case. In our pursuit of quality and excellence, we have recently revised the structure and content of our reports. Our methodologies and research approach have been updated to ensure that the end product of our work is both relevant and precise. It will meet the expectations and standards of case officers.

Some of Our Services Include:

1. Business Plan

  • At least 40 pages of individually written and original content

  • Our financial statements can additionally be approved by CPA

2. Labour Market Testing

  • All aspects of LMT including advertising fees are covered

  • Completed within strict timeframes

3. Market Salary Survey

  • Includes no equivalent worker statement and strong market salary research

  • Provides more than sufficient information to case officer

4. Genuine Position

  • At least 15 pages of thoroughly research and systematic explanation of the genuineness of the position

  • We know how to tackle complex cases especially those from Victoria

Why Choose Us?

  • Quickest turnaround time

  • Deal directly with an account manager 24/7

  • You can charge your own mark-up commission

  • Have added assurance that only experts are dealing your cases

  • All our work is done locally in Australia;

  • We study the developments, trends and technicality within the migration industry;

  • We are the best service provider and support to migration agents in Australia;

  • We work closely with recruiters, accountants and legal professionals.


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