Motor Mechanic Case Study

Not Every Case Is The Same

A while ago, we received an interesting case where a business intends to hire an motor mechanic on a 457 visa. The interesting bit comes into play when the business is originally and primarily a food business. Why does a food business need to hire a motor mechanic? The migration agent who was handling the case told us that the business owner plans to expand its food business by having a mechanic shop to service vehicles. Both food business and the potential mechanic shop targets mainly motorcycle enthusiasts. As the potential mechanic shop does not hire anyone else but the proposed nominee, a motor mechanic, we knew that this case was not a straightforward one. On top of that, the business did not have the standard business sponsor rights yet; it seemed even more difficult than we initially thought. As with all cases that we take on, we work hard on them as if we were the migration agents for the case. That was what we did, and the migration agent received news that the 457 visa was granted. The employers were over the moon and the migration agent has been referring all his cases to us, he now focuses only on getting new clients.

These were the steps we did for this case:

1. Business plan – highly detailed and thoroughly researched into food and mechanic industry within local and surrounding region. We devised a workable and creative marketing and sales plan for the business. The financials were analysed and backed by our own CPA accountant. 2. Labour market testing – accurate and comprehensive. We targeted the local labour market and satisfied the requirements set out by DIBP. 3. Market salary survey – precise and complete. We provided related advertisements and market salary research. 4. Genuine position – an 18 page report of pure content that solves the genuine need requirements. We write only fresh information that is concise and straight to the point. We provided more than sufficient logical and intelligent reasoning.


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