'Template Format' Genuine Position Report?

Yes you read that right! That is absolutely our exact sentiments when we read the 457 Agent newsletters about proving genuineness of a nominated occupation.

If you are not familiar with it, please read on intently and see why our office (that provides support and report writing for migration agents) are in agreement with the Department! “A number of companies have emerged who are in the business of developing ‘genuineness submissions’ to provide to the Department. Such submissions are not required and in fact can be of limited value due to their ‘template format’. The Department will place more weight on individual written documentation that businesses themselves have provided which explain the operation of their business.”

What does it mean?

To sum it up, the Department is saying:

  1. Genuine position reports that address the regulation 2.72(10)(f) accurately will still be needed to prove a genuine need for the nominated occupation;

  2. ‘Template-based’ genuine position reports are not effective;

  3. The quality of the content in the reports are highly important in helping case officers make a more informed decision;

  4. Genuine position reports written in the perspective of the business are ‘considered’ more favourable.

Extra pointers:

* If you want to address the regulation 2.72(10)(f), answer all specific points raised by the case officer in the checklist and provide as much evidence as possible! ** Case officers do not know the ins-and–outs of the employer’s business so it is our job to explain it fully to them!

Finally, the Department agrees with us!

It has and always been our view that template-based Genuine Position Reports are prejudicial and counter-productive! Back in 2015, we noticed that a handful of newer and smaller companies attempted to offer to write genuine position reports too. It was not a concern to us until we realised that they were basing their report formats off ours! However instead of becoming better than us, we have noticed that these smaller companies provide template-based work to agents, effectively ruining the cases’ chances of nomination approval! Back then, we knew that this ‘template-work’ will harm the industry and be more of a bad thing than a good one when case officers receive these low quality reports!

What type of Genuine Position reports do we provide then?

Thankfully for us, our reports are not template-based, which sets us apart. We are also the first company to introduce a new style of writing for our Genuine Position Reports – in first person viewpoint! We first introduced this new format back in late 2015 and it has proven to be successful, which is why a majority of the Genuine Position Reports we prepared this year are in the new format.

What are some features of our new format of Genuine Position report?

  • Written in first person perspective; using pronouns (“I”, “we,”, “my,” and “our”);

  • Using the appropriate level of formality in the writing; some industries are less formal, like restaurants and trade services businesses;

  • Using more emotive and personal tone in the writing; we conduct our research into the business and its products and services so we can empathise with the employer!;

  • Using the client’s letterhead; we can design tailored letterheads for your client at no cost!;

  • Written in electronic format or handwritten format; yes, we can even write it out on paper!;

  • Over 20 different themes; no 2 reports will be the same!; and more!

Rest assured that your report will be one of a kind, covering every almost every aspect of the nominee, position and the business!


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