How to Write the Perfect Job Description

For Labour Market Testing, it is important that you write the perfect job description to ensure that you are attracting the right applicants. When submitting the Labour Market Testing Report to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, DIBP, a case officer will not only look at the ‘Applicant Review Summary’ but also at the role, responsibilities as well as requirements that are on the job advertisements. It is important to note that the job description for Labour Market Testing should be written in line with that of Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations, ANZSCO. To write the perfect job description, you would need to include following information:

Background Information of the Hiring Company

  1. By providing information of the hiring company, applicants will have a better idea of the industry that they are applying for.

  2. Keep in mind to include the three main points: Location, Industry & Company’s vision (if any)

The Position

  1. The Position allows the applicants to have a brief insight to the responsibilities.

  2. The Position also affects the success rate of the nominee. As different positions have different responsibilities, it is vital that you choose the right position that is the most suitable for the business.

The Role

  1. It should be brief and accurately describe the job.

  2. An accurate and concise statement of the contribution of the job makes to the company. It should not exceed more than two sentences.

  3. Most online job search platform do not showcase the full job description on the initial search page, therefore it is essential that the sentences clearly describe the role.

The Description/ Responsibilities

  1. This is one of the most important parts of the job description as it describes the daily tasks and job scope of the job.

  2. Use clear and simple English when writing the description/ responsibilities as it will allow potential applicants to understand what the role entails.

  3. The description/ responsibilities have to be consistent with both the company’s and of ANZSCO’s. However, it should not be copied and pasted directly from ANZSCO.

The Requirements

  1. The requirements can include specific skills, types and amounts of work experience, personal qualities, educational credentials, professional certifications, or areas of knowledge.

  2. The requirement has to be written in line with that of ANZSCO's as well.

  3. The words used should be specific in order to attract the right applicants

  • Instead of ‘Tertiary Qualification’, where graduates from all different major may apply, use ‘Bachelor of Science in Business Administration’.

  • Do not use vague words such as ‘Relevant’, be precise, use ‘3 Years of Experience as a Cook in an Indian Restaurant’ instead.

An additional point to add when creating the perfect job description is to use key words. Instead of using less commonly known words, such as ‘Educators’, use ‘Teachers’ instead. This will help with the search function where the most relevant keyword will appear higher in the listing.


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