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We do everything with one goal in mind -


"When the job is done right, the clients will keep returning for more."























The success of Labour Support Group is through the recognition of our people. Our strong and professional team span from several disciplines to provide only the finest quality work to our valued customers, no matter what industry or background.


We believe that having the right people is an important asset and is paramount to steady business growth, hence we strive for an efficient organisation with engaged and competent people. All our work is professionally done in-house to provide the local employment market with rewarding positions.




Labour Support Group_Maryknoll C.
Labour Support Group_Chung Nam T.
Labour Support Group_Jensen T.
Labour Support Group_Hidhir N.
Labour Support Group_Cheryln A.
Labour Support Group_Clive G.
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Level 15, 111 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD 4000


T:   1300 527 778  / 1300 LBR SPT

T:   07 3102 1168



Labour Support Group Pty Ltd    |   ACN Number: 605 794 643

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