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Training people to get the job done.

Training Benchmark Overview


Employers are presently encouraged by the Australian government to invest in skills training for workers throughout Australia. Although labour and skill shortages are often mitigated by immigration, our government strongly believe that such shortages must be addressed in the long term by training Australian citizens.


We are appointed partners of a full corporate training company – AusSkill Training Centre.

What does AusSkill Training Centre offer?


Ausskill is committed to a same day service, and can provide a receipt that demonstrates your financial commitment to meeting Training Benchmark B within one business day. This ensures that there are no delays as you prepare to submit a 457 Visa application.


Our training is offered through three methods - onsite, in-house and online delivery. All training attendees will receive a complete training plan and module handout that includes expansive industry training information prepared by our qualified trainers. All attendees will also receive ongoing support by our trainers in our modern and user-friendly e-learning system.


Why does Labour Support Group promote AusSkill?


Many of our complex cases have been competently solved by AusSkill Training Centre hence we encourage our agent partners to work with professional and qualified training providers with a proven track record.

How do We Get Started?

We recommend for your clients to be assured of the training providers before engaging AusSkill Training Centre. Usually we recommend our partner agents to send on the brochure to their clients, which has a form for them to fill up.

Once the form is completed, do send it on directly to or Alternatively you can contact them for more information - 1300 734 711. Agents who prefer to contact us may choose to do so.

(Download their brochure here)